Week 1| Self-Love


I’m trying something totally new for me and am not sure exactly what to expect so please bear with me if this does NOT go according to plan!

The Richness of a Simple Life

Attention Kindness Challenge participants!

In this post, you’ll find:

  • this week’s  theme prompt & exercise
  • a screensaver for this week’s theme
  • the reflection post prompt questions

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Perfect Potatoes!


At the supermarket today, I noticed just how many different potatoes there seem to be for different things e.g. those that mash, those that roast etc and although I have always known that “new potatoes” are much better for boiling than roasting it always seemed that “old potatoes” could be used for anything – how wrong I must have been for so many years!  So today, I have bought Maris Piper potatoes for roasting and chipping (well they’ll be roasted in this house – I’ve never made chips from scratch!) and we will see how superior they are to my normal “white old potatoes”.  Watch this space.

I have also decided to put on my blog that I am using for my A to Z challenge as I realise when I am following others on wordpress if they follow me back they will come to this blog and wonder what on earth I am thinking of being already up to the letter “P”!!!!  So if that is you then please journey over to the dark side and see what I am actually doing in the challenge at:  http://pempispalace.blogspot.co.uk

Hopefully see some of you there.


Pre-occupied with Posting


I’ve been blogging over at Blogger to take part in the A to Z Challenge – just because my ineptitude wouldn’t let me use wordpress to link up and do what I needed to do.  The challenge has really focused me on some of the special needs I deal with in my school and I am enjoying reading others’ blogs on such a wide range of topics – if only I didn’t have to go to school!!  I am hoping to get ahead of the game and write a number of posts for next week over the weekend as well as complete school work – so fingers crossed. 

I also announced the start of my diet and am hoping by posting my weight loss each week this will inspire me to continue to my target weight – I would so love to wear some of the clothes in my wardrobe!









I do like doing jigsaw puzzles but in the time I have I think I’ll stick to 500 piece as this 1000 piece took far longer than I’d anticipated!



Having just received last month’s payment from TpT I thought I’d better check it had gone into my account and yes it has and it was an amazing feeling to actually see I’d earned some money – albeit less than £5 but still more than ZERO so yipee – I’m happy!

PayPal Logo

Plumbing and Plastering


Well, we had a tiny leak from an upstairs radiator which led to part of the snug ceiling coming down last week – so plumber duly called and we’re just waiting for the ceiling to dry before being re-plastered.  Yet another patch of damp for our damp specialist to review when he arrives today!

Vintage Model Spinning Wheel

A recent addition – just need to see if it actually works!

Publicising Blog A-Z Challenge




Once again I’m having difficulties with linking to anything using buttons.  I think it might be that as I won’t pay to go premium I can’t have the twiddly bits I’ve had on other blog sites so I think I might be returning there to blog during the month of April which is when this challenge takes place.  So far I’ve kept all my posts to things beginning with P in case you haven’t noticed!