Poised to dive in



Do you remember the first time you opened the door of your new classroom either as a child or as the actual teacher?  There was a moment when you just stood there knowing that the next movement you made would begin a whole new chapter of your life – well here I am opening the door of my blog – slightly nervous and in trepidation – knowing that this is a whole new unknown in my life and wondering where it will take me! So far this school year, I have embarked on becoming a contributing member of TpT – I love picking up ideas and resources from there but I also thought I might as well post some of the many hundreds we as creative teachers make for our classes and pupils each year.  I think that’s one of the reasons I have enjoyed teaching so much over the past decade because nothing stays the same – there is always a need to create something new – and I for one do not like standing still! I’d love to know what you are all doing out there in your busy classrooms particularly with the ideas you are possibly trialling for those children who find it harder in the classroom than others.  Over the years, I’ve read lots of wonderful blogs by teachers trying so hard to keep every plate up in the air and I’m hoping I can do this too combining it with a little craft culture, a measure of renovation and thrift shopping and maybe a dollop of dieting – let’s see how it goes!


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