Part-Time Pay Full-Time Work!



Well, I was only going to pop in to school for a couple of hours yesterday but instead I spent the whole day and more there.  The meetings with occupational therapists and social workers went well, but of course took longer than I’d planned, which meant that the training I needed to deliver and the phone calls I needed to make then had to be left to the afternoon.  At the end of the school day, I spent time catching up with teachers and the head to impart info and finally, as I was there on a Thursday, seeing the children perform at dance club and saying hello to our visiting instructor before heading home.  However, a very successful day with progress made on all fronts which sometimes I feel is hard to achieve in my new role as part-time inclusion manager and senco.   This is a job that stretches forever and along with the specialist teaching and planning and researching and making resources that I do is really not part-time at all – it’s every waking moment – which is why I cut out the day to day teaching so I can manage a move across country and which is why I am so looking forward to this holiday so I can try to concentrate a bit more of my life on that job instead.  I’ve already got another full day in school today so this week will have over run by more than a day and a half and of course I can’t really see me wanting to drop a day on my first week back after a holiday.  This is what happens when your job revolves around children – they come first above and beyond all else – I just have to try to manage my part-time a little more successfully if this is to truly work.


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