Perfect Potatoes!


At the supermarket today, I noticed just how many different potatoes there seem to be for different things e.g. those that mash, those that roast etc and although I have always known that “new potatoes” are much better for boiling than roasting it always seemed that “old potatoes” could be used for anything – how wrong I must have been for so many years!  So today, I have bought Maris Piper potatoes for roasting and chipping (well they’ll be roasted in this house – I’ve never made chips from scratch!) and we will see how superior they are to my normal “white old potatoes”.  Watch this space.

I have also decided to put on my blog that I am using for my A to Z challenge as I realise when I am following others on wordpress if they follow me back they will come to this blog and wonder what on earth I am thinking of being already up to the letter “P”!!!!  So if that is you then please journey over to the dark side and see what I am actually doing in the challenge at:

Hopefully see some of you there.


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